Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Bit More on Antoni Gaudí

Not long ago I wrote about La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Since then I became interested in seeing more creations of Antoni Gaudí, and this photo session is the result of my curiosity as well as a starting plan for a future visit to Barcelona.

Below you can see Casa Vicens (1883-88), his first important work which was built for the owner of a brick and tile company Manuel Vicens. The house is constructed of rough red bricks, and colored ceramic tiles in checkerboard and floral patterns. This house is still a private residence, so, unfortunately, its interior can be seen on Saint Rita's Day, May 22, when it is open for "neighbors and citizens". I read that it went on sale last year -the asking price was 30 million euros.

This striking façade belongs to the Casa Batlló (1904-06). I am taken by its curving form , splashes of bright mosaic, oval windows. It was originally designed for a middle-class family, which must have had a good taste in addition to open mind. The local name for the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones) - there is indeed something skeletal about it.

Casa Milà (1906-10), nicknamed the Redrera ("Quarry), is an apartment building, which shapes are so serpentine that it has no corners. Strangely though it is massive, it reminds me of a sand castle.

There are obviously much more images of Antoni Gaudí's work can be found on the Internet, but since I have to finish an article by Friday, I will stop here. Now, if anybody wonder why I am so fascinated with bright colours, rich details, opulent forms, the answer is below - t hat is what I see from the window.

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