Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coincidence or Serendipity?

It has been a while since I posted something. As I try to pin point a reason - I cannot find any. There isn't any reason at all - I have time, I have computer, I have camera, the weather has been springlike at times, but ...

Yesterday, an interesting event took place, which prompted me to write. Strangely enough, it was connected with my previous post. I went to the bookstore, Iða at Lǽkjargata, just for browsing, nothing specific in mind. It had a therapeutic effect on me - pick the book that calls you from the shelf, open it smooth cover, glance through the pages, sit on a small stool and read through the few pages. On a small round table - there was a pile of books on architecture, "The History of World Architecture" got my attention. Thick, luxuriously illustrated volume. I spent quite a lot of time leafing through it, admiring the photos. As I put it down on top of the pile, I noticed a thin book, standing near a divider. Not looking I picked it up, turned it to see the cover and found myself staring at "Gaudí - the entire works". What are the odds? I can only say, "Life is beautiful and full of surprises."

Out of curiosity, I checked the selection at Eymundsson, they didn't have this book.

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