Thursday, March 27, 2008

Now and Then

Writing about Hallgrimskirkja church and its architect, Guðjón Samúelsson, made me want to find more of his work around Reykjavík. Today I was in one of the building that was designed by him - the National Gallery of Iceland. To be more precise, the building that now is occupied by the National Gallery of Iceland was designed by him. Back in 1916 it was designed for storing ice for the fishing company Herðubreið. Later it was turned into a dance hall, and successfully functioned in this capacity until the fire (1971) wrecked it. In 1972 it was bought to house the National Gallery. Of course, it went through the major reconstruction but the new building was modeled on the older one. And thus it went – from storing ice to storing the collection of art work.

Funny bit of today – the conversation took place in a kiosk where you can buy tickets or monthly passes for the buses.

- I would like to buy 10 children tickets, please.
- No. (Silence)
- Why not?
- You cannot do this. (Silence)
- Why?
- You cannot buy 10 children tickets, you have to buy twenty.

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