Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Morning Story

Today the kids were supposed to return back to school after their spring break. Yesterday in the evening they gathered their backpacks, laid out their clothes and decided what they wanted for a school lunch.
The morning went swiftly – everybody woke up without complains, were cheerful and cooperative and even had some time for reading before putting on their shoes and jackets. The only minor glitch appeared after discovery that our bread got moldy and school lunch plan had to be altered from peanut butter sandwiches to tuna in pitas.
At 7:35 the kids were all ready and near the door, but a little shuttle bus that usually pick up the kids were not there. No biggies – it is often late. At 7:50 it became mildly worrisome – I started to wonder if the kids truly supposed to return to school today or it was the product of my wishful thinking. The school calendar stated that is was today, but everything changes so easily here, I could have easily missed an important notice from school about additional professional day or such.

At 8:05 it was established that we didn’t confuse anything – the boys’ classmate called with the same question, “Where is the bus?” Things became clear again, we just need to find another mean of transportation for today, which, of course, we did.

By 8:40 the kids were at school.

And, the morale of this story – I have to start driving here.

The kids are waiting for the bus.

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