Saturday, December 8, 2007

Updates on the Yule Lads

Update on Yule lads, their parents and Christmas cat.

We went to the Christmas bazaar in Hafnarfjörður. Images of Yule lads and other Christmas related crowd were everywhere, so I decided to add some of them here.

Christmas characters on the carton are (from top to bottom):
Askasleikir – Bowl licker, he is the 6th one of the Yule Lads to appear in town on the 17th of December, and he can't resist licking any bowl he can find clean;
Gluggagægir – Window Peeper, the 10th of the group to come down from the mountains. He peeks through the windows and steals things that catch his fancy.
Gryla and Leppalúði – mean, mean parents of Yule lads;
Jólakötturinn – a wicked Christmas cat. Icelandic poet Jóhannes úr Kötlum wrote a poem about this Yule Cat, which has such words:

His whiskers, sharp as bristles,
His back arched up high.
And the claws of his hairy paws
Were a terrible site.

You can also take a look at slightly different
translation of this poem along with Icelandic original.

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