Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The First Yule Lad

As I mentioned before, the Yule Lads start their journey to the city on the night of the 12th of December. Stekkjastaur, Stiff Knees, is the first one to come from the mountains. The kids were very excited about it and put up their boots up on the windowsill. In the morning Anton discovered some kind of motorized vehicle in his boot, and Alex – a pencil with a knight in his.
A theory behind the choice of the gifts runs goes like this:

Anton – “I told Mom that I wanted to have a Porsche, when I grow up. She told it to the Yule Lads. They don’t have a Porsche in storage, so they brought me the closest thing.”

Alex – “Mom, remember how you always say that I have to practice my writing. The Yule Lads gave me this pencil with a knight, so I will write more.”

So sweet! (I suspect that Anton is just playing alone. But, he obviously is having fun doing this.

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