Sunday, January 6, 2008

Something Good Out of Something Bad

It was quite an interesting day today. After a nice cup of coffee I went to my blog in order to write a new entry. I put the cursor on the link and click the mouse as I did numerous times before. This time a surprise was waiting for me- “Error 404; page cannot be found.” For about 20 minutes I indulged in denial – it could be a problem on a site after all. Slowly the reality sank in - I lost my blog – all entries and photos; only my profile was intact. After facing the truth and retracing my steps I realized that it was most likely my own doing.

  • So, here comes a lesson number one:
    Under no circumstances you should trifle around with html, settings and layouts in the depth of the night, especially when you haven’t slept well for several days in a row.

  • A lesson number two was more enlightening:
    I missed my blog. Sure, I often had guilty thoughts floating around in my head “Blogging isn’t practical, thus you should not waste your time on it – go mop the floor, learn more Icelandic, feed the poor”, but it doesn’t matter because blogging is useful to me.

  • A lesson number three:
    I have to learn how to back up my blog on the hard drive. My backing system obviously isn’t bad since I was able to restore almost everything and lost only one entry that I really cared about, but it was a bit of a pain.

Frankly, I am quite pleased with how everything turned out. Now, since I handled this mini crisis with such grace, does it mean that I am wise? Is it possible that pieces of life experience finally added up together and morphed into wisdom? Or this is just an aftermath of sleepless nights?


Anonymous said...

Well done. Keep it up!

Amy in Beijing said...

Glad you figured out your problem with the blog!