Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Amazing Fireworks

I am still dazzled by the firework display of previous night. Our balcony was a perfect spot to view it in fully glory since we could see what was going on in Hafnarfjöður and further away in Reykjavik. It looked like people bought all available types of firework and was determined to use them up. Considering that original purpose of fireworks on the New Year Eve was to scare the bad forces from entering the New Year, I think we are pretty safe now, not even a miniscule evil shadow could have sneak in. There were colourful rockets, slicing the air with threatening sounds; mines, throwing stars and flaming balls high with hissing noise; cascading walls of sparks and flames. The sky was painted with dazzling showers of silver and gold stars, green, red, yellow flowers blossomed up high; and the air was filled with humming, screeching, banging sounds and smoke. It was brilliant.
Unfortunately all our attempts to catch it on camera were futile, so for visual effect I found are some nice photos of
firework display here.

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