Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Questions and Answers

In the middle of a nice email exchange with one of my former classmates I was ambushed with a question: “So, what is your greatest dream?” Firstly, it is a moral equivalent of stepping in a muck during a nice stroll. Secondly, isn’t there some rule of ethics which forbid asking this question after certain age? What dreams if you are trying to keep up with reality? After careful consideration I’ve decided to add the offensive question to my ever growing list of questions demanding automatic responses:

  • “How are you?” “Splendid”
  • “Are you happy?” “Delirious”
  • “How are your kids?” “Great”
  • “How do you like living in …(fill in the blanks)” “Very much”
  • “What is your greatest dream?” “World Peace”

In truth I have a dream – I want to have a special power of learning every new language coming my way in 3 three days. First day – phonetics, second – grammar, third – fluency.

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