Sunday, February 7, 2016


Walking along the shore on a bright and moderately sunny day I was startled by the feeling of utter happiness and content. Walking does it to me but this realization also got me thinking. I used to long for a company - to share a walk, to share a talk, to share a visit to a theater, a meal, a dance. As if simply being there wasn't enough, my soul yearned to share an experience with someone. And now, now I am just enjoying the experience. If someone happen to be along, that is great, if not, it is fine too. When did this happen?
I bet, the fact that I have been a world traveler for 19 straight years has something to do with it. Moving from country to country ( the longest stay in one place - four years) builds up certain qualities: I, for example, became exceptionally good in adapting to different cultures, learning as much as possible in the shortest possible time,  practicing detachment and, yes, being alone.

Time changed the dynamic of exploring the new places - instead of jumping in the thickness of things, collecting new acquaintances, actively building connections as was my pattern - I just let everything to unfold on its own. Is it a sign of wisdom, is it a sign of emotional laziness, is it something to embrace, is it something to fight, who knows? And,who cares? What is a moral of this little observation, you may ask ? To paraphrase the Beatles, "Do what you want to do, and go where you're going to..." and if our  paths will cross, we can discuss it further..


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