Monday, February 15, 2010

In Praise of Morpheus.

Despite the fact that everyone knows how important sleep is – it is from its precious time we often snatch an hour or two. We snatch them and put them on the alter of efficiency or productivity (whatever word appeal to you more.) I think secretly people regard sleep as time of idleness and idleness isn’t something we can commit ourselves to lightly. (Bertrand Russell devoted a whole article to this subject back in 1932, as well as numerous authors in recent years, so I am not going down this path today).

I am here to sing the praise to Morpheus, the winged son of Hypnos and Pasithea.
You talk to people and they either confess that they don’t have enough sleep or that they couldn’t to reach a blissful oblivion. Depending on a day I swing from one group to the other. Today is Washington’s Birthday, which means that while I didn’t need to go to work, my kids had to go to school, and, with my husband away, I found myself alone in the house with no particularly pressing errands.

As soon as the doors closed behind the boys, I flew upstairs and straight into the arms of Morpheus. He softly blew onto my eyelids and the reality ceased to exist. I woke up at noon – first time in my whole life! (I was sleep deprived, wasn’t I?) Somebody hummed “I’ve Got the World on a String” nearby and it took me a moment to realize that it was me.

“The hell with the things that I have to do”, I thought, “I am taking this day off.” And I continued with slow morning ablutions, followed by a leisurely branch. As I cupped a hot coffee mug and inhaled its aroma, I closed my eyes and was transported to a wooden terrace overlooking the ocean. The smell of the ocean, the light breeze, the whisper of the trees – it made me smile. It wasn’t a fleeting smile but the one that rises deep from within: slowly growing, expanding until it reaches the lips, the corners of the eyes and finally, flood your whole being with happiness.

I was perfectly content! And all thanks to a few extra hours of sleep! (I wish it can be the way of bottling such perfect moments, keeping them for the gloomy days.)

Hope you all had a wonderful day as well,

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