Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beware of Lexus.

Anybody who lives or lived in Baku will tell you that traffic here is nightmarish. Conditions of the roads are poor and most of them are in constant state of repair or improvement, which causes chaotic closures of familiar routes.

Drivers of Baku are quite aggressive and it isn’t uncommon to see a car going into the line of oncoming traffic. Equally common is to see cars speedily backing down the roads. (This maneuver always inspires awe in me.) To express their impatience or to let you know of their whereabouts drivers rely on their horns that often sound more like old-fashioned klaxons. Perhaps they relay on them too much, because honking cacophony accompanies every minute of navigating the roads.

As for pedestrians they are one reckless bunch – they don’t fear for their lives, they just cross the roads whenever they feel like it. It is especially unnerving when they suddenly appear in front of your car emerging from behind the front of the bus.

To add some spice to all that mix there are buses that drive like sedans and policemen whose prime function is to take fines in whatever sums it suits them.

Anyone will tell you that you have to implore defensive driving here and need to be acutely aware of your surroundings. I will add to it my personal advice – beware of Lexus – those pricey vehicles carry the most dangerous drivers, the ones who think that they rule the road.

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