Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preparing to Move

15 days till our pack out.

We have been frightfully organized this year; we even used the Memorial Day to drag down all the boxes from the attic. I should not say “we” of course because it was my husband who precariously balanced on the top of the narrow ladder, trying to maneuver boxes, one by one, down to the floor of our tiny laundry room. As each box descended, he had to fold the ladder up in order to move a box from the laundry room to a hall. Then he had to unfold the ladder and climb back up. Total of 36 times, not counting those rare occasions when the objects were thin enough to be squeezed between the side of the ladder and the cabinet. Add to this the joy shaking off the spiders that were disturbed by all the commotion, and no wonder that by the end of the ordeal my husband was slightly cranky.

Now the boxes are stored in the kids' rooms, and our house starts to look like a place embracing itself for a move.

Meanwhile the weather was beautiful today and on my walk I discovered that purple carpet of nootka lupin (isl.l├║pina ) covered previously barren hills. I read that this plant was introduced in Iceland for soil fertilization, so it isn’t only pretty but functional.

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