Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Love You, No Discussion.

No, it isn’t a deranged proclamation of undying love; it is actually an item from a menu of “Pure Lotus”,a very atmospheric vegetarian restaurant in Beijing. (I unearthed it today while sorting through some boxes.) It had a picturesque decor with grottoes, cascading curtains, tables made from ancient beds and absolutely unique presentation which at times made actual process of eating slightly challenging. The food there was excellent but the menu titles were out of this world:

  • Birth No Death (konnyaku and kelp slices)

  • The Sea of Sensation Has No Limits (soy protein vegetarian duck)

  • A Little More Love, A Little Less Misfortune (tomatoes and cauliflower stir-fried in clear sauce)

  • The Wind Stirs between Heaven and Earth, But There is No Coming or Going, No is There Rest (wild yam in coconut milk)

  • Contemplating The Inner Self (spinach with herb sauce)

  • I Shall Absorb Whatever Comes My Way (eggplant or pumpkin casserole with black beans and shitake mushrooms)

  • Imperial Kitchen Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (brown mushrooms, day lily flowers, vegetarian protein strips, cabbage, corn)

  • I Love You, No Discussion (Deep Friend Eggplant cake in sweet and sour sauce)

What would your rather try World of Azure or Mustard Greens and Taro?


wereposa said...

I loved that restaurant! Don't throw the menu away; I would love a copy! I always enjoyed the tea selection part of the menu, where the health benefits were explained for each choice. My favorite was the one that stated "promotes urination..." -- you gotta love a menu that states that as part of the lure!

C&C said...

Hey,now I know what little gift to send you way!