Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things to Celebrate.

Today, after full year, I finally finished a bottle of cod liver oil. Icelanders believe that cod liver oil has magic qualities and can cure everything from arthritis to depression. Last September on insistent of my Icelandic teacher I bought one bottle of this elixir of life. I did try to drink it but the taste and aftertaste and the smell and the mess surrounding its intake, made it difficult. Honestly, I haven’t thrown it away only because I didn’t know how to dispose of it. What if it leaks inside the garbage bin and I will never get rid off the smell? Or what if our backyard will be invaded by army of meowing cats if I simply pour it out under a bush? The bottle stayed and reproachfully stared at me every time I opened our refrigerator. It became my mission to finish it off. And today it was accomplished. Hurray!

Other things to celebrate include arrival of the clementines in the local stores; cold, but calm weather, and abundance of ice and snow crystals in the lava fields. They are stunning, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very few people (under age 100) would even consider taking fish-oil preparations this way ... you're seriously old-school!

Nowadays, the oil is usually pre-treated to reduce the fishy stench, then isolated into large gelcaps which are swallowed along with one's daily vitamins. This eliminates almost all of the nastiness, while preserving most of the benefit.

In fact, your post has reminded me we've just run out of these gelcaps ... thanks for reminding me!

C&C said...

That's the thing - those gel capsules are large!! I prefer even my multivitamins in drinkable or chewable version.