Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hibernation and Its Merits.

The thought of hibernation is very appealing right now. It was a rather stressful month, the weather is windy and cold, my insomnia is raging, my energy level is all time low, so a deep rest for several months while conserving energy, sounds like heaven. What even better, you wake up lean, energised and starving for food and activity.

In my never ending search for cure from insomnia I stumbled upon "hibernation diet." Its emphasizes the merits of natural honey which is believed to be able to ease stress hormones and help to achieve a better night sleep. It was said that if you take a spoonful or two of honey just before going to bed either straight up from the jar or mixed into warm drink, it would help you sleep. I have complicated relationship with honey - warm milk with honey, the favourite remedy of my grandmother, was the most dreaded drink of my childhood, plus some varieties of honey give me allergy reaction. But, in order to get rid of sleepless night I was willing to try it. I mixed two spoonful of honey into warm water, drank it all and went to bed. And, believe it or not I slept without awakening.... till three fifty in the morning and then I was up.

I cannot make up my mind whether consider it an improvement or just a change in a pattern.

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Anonymous said...

What other bear-like tactics are left to be possibly tried? They zone out with lots of fat and fur around them; have you tried approximating a deep, soft "den"-like enclosure from many layers of blanket, then "curling up" inside? Could it be that you require more darkness and silence than you have?