Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain, Wind, Greyness.

It is a rather blustery day today. It is not only rainy but windy too, and altogether quite unpleasant. From inside it looks like a grisaille painting. Considering that glaucous moss covers the rocks in our backyard, a lonely tree in the corner has taupe trunk, and time bleached the wooden floor outside to milky-grey, this description seems fitting.

Confession - after several rounds of battle ship, gobblet and scrabble, I turned to the Roget's Thesaurus and read the entry on greyness. Quite an odd pastime but highly entertaining and relaxing. Plus, it still (loosely) connects with the article that I am working on.

And, here is our art for today:


Anonymous said...

Although I think I get your intention with this post, it isn't working for me (for one thing, the links are broken!).

Also, the concept of grayness is such a ... well, gray area that to be described effectively, it seems to call for starker, more black-and-white terms.

C&C said...

Funny, links work fine for me. I didn't really try to capture the concept of greyness, more played with synonyms.