Friday, August 1, 2008

This Week

This week is flown by with a speed of light. Yesterday in the morning I seriously tried to convince my husband that it was Wednesday instead of Thursday. I lost the whole day!

It has been unusually warm so far. The temperature rose to 24 degree C, the sky was cloudless, and there wasn’t any wind. I took the kids to the beach near Perlan and boy, was it crowded! Perhaps, the Icelanders take the day off as soon as the day promises to be nice, since it is such a rarity. The boys played in the sand and I just enjoyed the warm sun. Some people were swimming but for me the water was formidably cold.

I am doing a creativity course this month. This week supposed to be a reading deprivation week. The idea is that if you stop feeding yourself with someone else’s words, you will be able to hear your own words clearer. Granted, it was the most unfortunate timing, since I had to finish my review, so some reading snuck its way into the week. But overall “reading deprivation” is immensely difficult for me. I feel like some essential part of me is missing. Most of the time when I have a spare time – I turn to books, now there is a gap which I need to fill with something else. During the day there are plenty of distractions – kids, talking, cooking, cleaning, walking, listening to the music, etc. The evenings are the hardest – I find myself drawn to the bookshelves. “I’ll just take a look,” I tell to myself and end up sitting on the floor with some of my favourites.

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