Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hafnarfjordur's Birthday

It was such a beautiful day today – sunny, no wind. The temperature climbed to + 15 C and people poured out on the streets, not willing to miss such a rare occasion.

At six o’clock in the morning someone tried to start firework. You couldn’t possibly see anything – it is broad day light at that time- but the sounds were unmistakable. It reminded me that today the town we live in, Hafnarfjordur, celebrated its anniversary. One hundred years in cities' years is really nothing, but a birthday is a birthday. The streets were decorated with baloons, children choirs sang in the mall, various cafes served chocolate and coffee free of charge, bands were playing downtown, and people could satisfied their thirst by drinking water from bottles, designed specifically for that occasion.

On completely different subject, at about 16:00 o’clock we literally felt the earth moving under out feet - Iceland experienced its biggest earth quake in decades. According to Earth Quakes site we were in a 6.7 magnitude quake.

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