Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Certain Words...

I am constantly amazed how wide-spread the usage of f –word is. You can hear it everywhere. It isn’t surprising anymore to hear if from the screen, though I noticed recently an interesting trend – in the movie where the f – word ruled, the euphemisms were used instead of the word “abortion.” Funny if to think about it, since the latter is often the result of the action described by the f--- word.

Anyway, today I heard it at first in the morning from a mouth of a ten year old. A group of school children was going on a trip, and somewhere at the back of the bus, someone happily chanted f—f—f----. Interestingly, teachers choose to ignore it.

On my way home from downtown a bunch of frustrated teenagers vented their anger by using this aforementioned word in different configurations, sort of a stylistic decoration of Icelandic language.

At Miklatun near the Kjarvalstadir the f- - - word glared at me from a huge poster, which was chosen to announce a new exhibition in the art museum.

The f*** word has became universally recognizable, even those who don’t know English know it. Its versatility is unique – I cannot think of any noun it cannot be used with. Some languages have numerous words to describe snow or rain; English language gave to the universe the word with endless meanings. It can describe a wide range of emotions and activities; it can be a noun, a verb, an adjective. Why bother with synonyms, antonyms, metaphors and such – we have a winner and it will never fail you.
Empty your mind from the excessive lexicon, no more worries – it is so....

Daniel Magnússon " So fucking peaceful", photo: courtesy of the internet

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