Thursday, May 22, 2008

Endless Light and Amusement

We entered the zone of endless light. Midnight feels like the middle of the day, and early morning - like noon. Since the usual sign of lateness - darkness- never really comes anymore, it is hard to keep track of time in the evening. The kids certainly use it to their advantage, and our sleeping patterns at the moment are odd.

Perhaps that was the reason that today for the first time I noticed two strange items on the menu of Jómfrúin, Danish restaurant at Lækjargata 4.

The Veterinarian's breakfast.

The Veterinarian's Supper.

Are Danish veterinarians particularly fond of liver pate or maybe they have to have rye bread and port aspic to carry them through the day?

The name of the restaurant "Jómfrúin" translates as "virgin", more precisely "female virgin" and its speciality are open-faced sandwiches or smørrebrod. Go figure the connection...

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