Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday and such

It was my older son's tenth birthday last week. Hard to believe but this fellow jumped into the age of two digits. He chose to celebrate it with sleepover (sleepovers became both of my kids’ favourite way of celebration.) Since I find sleepover parties easy, I was only happy to indulge him.

From Saturday to Sunday we have 5 boys running around the house. Despite the slightly chilly temperature outside, they insisted to do water balloons fight and had a great time. To my amazement they came well prepared with swimming suits, towels and even gaggles.

I was impressed with organizational skills of my son – he planned well the activities of the Saturday evening - waterballon fight, making pizzas, opening presents, movie and disco party - and it went very smoothly. Of course, nobody slept much during the night, but that was expected.

We were very lucky with weather: it was cloudy but not rainy, which allowed us to take the kids to the park on Sunday to play ball and ride on a cable swing. (Even after speaking with my husband I could not figure out the proper name for it. ) I love this thing, which is odd considering that swings, especially its downward movement scare me. But the feeling of gliding across the field is invigorating.

Everybody had a great time but by the evening of Sunday everybody had to have a rest.

P.S. Thanks to Amy, I now know how it this thing that I like to ride on calls - a zip-line. It is also known as a flying fox, zip wire, aerial runway, death slide or tyrolean crossing.


Amy said...

Could it be a zip line? The boys look so much bigger!

C&C said...

Thank you, Amy!And, yes the boys are growing.