Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rain painting

Just as I thought that I figured out the weather here: one gorgeous, sunny day, one grey and rainy; several rainy days came one after another.

Since I was writing about art work that depicted rain, the weather was in sync with my mood. I kept glancing towards the windows of our sun room, noticing different pattern. The raindrops hitting the roof, left a circular imprints and those on the windows kept their shape, reminding me of precious little stones. Sitting in the armchair surrounded by rain but being protected from it by the glass felt tranquil, I fall into the "lucid stillness". My attempts to capture the pattern of the raindrops on
camera went surprisingly well and I took it one step further playing with colours.

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Daniel C. Boyer said...

As it is tangentially related, I thought you might be interested to know that I have done gouaches diluted with rainfall (I put undiluted gouache on watercolour paper, take the paper out right before it starts raining and bring it in to dry right after it stops). You can see an example, The Human Mask, at .