Monday, November 12, 2007

Start Art

These words “Start Art” can be a motto of Reykjavik or Iceland in general. Art in every form is welcome here – be it a little gnome placed in the rocks near the house, graffiti on the wall of the building, paintings, sculptures or unusual design of the house. My impression is that the artist’s goal here is self-expression, sharing of the free flowing ideas while gaining recognition and commercial success being secondary, sort of a nice bonus.
Since Iceland is a relatively young country, you will encounter mostly contemporary art here. What I find most appealing about it – is its openness to interpretation.
You are not led to conclusion, told what to think but left to make your own thinking. Since there aren’t any canons, rigid rules in contemporary art, there is no comparison just free falling, liking or disliking. Through this the art serves the most authentic of its purposes – to open a person’s mind to something new, to stretch its limits.
The most enchanting quality of most galleries here and
Start Art in particular, is that there isn’t any attempt on being grand; it is simple, humble and inviting. One hall is devoted to experiment with different textures (fur, wax, metal); the works in the other room draw on popularity of “hidden” people and enchanted stones, the clothes designs are on display in the third one. This gallery is a collaboration of seven artists, whose styles are different from each other but it is very heartwarming when one of them greet you at the door with: “You have to see the works on the second floor; I would never have thought to come up with such idea”.

Ability to wonder, acceptance of new – the start of art.

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