Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Confusion of Languages

After Icelandic language lesson today while all new words were floating, fresh and shiny, in my mind, it was time to practice. Bakery looked like a good place to start especially since we learnt all the different names for different baking goods.
“Ég ætla að fá horn”, I started more or less smoothly, aiming to buy some croissants. The salesman asked how many I wanted to buy.
“Sān ga, qing,” leapt out of my mouth before I caught it.
There was nothing wrong with the answer, I indeed wanted to buy three croissants, but the language was totally wrong, it was Chinese.

You can’t throw away three years spent in China, can you?

In honour of China and one of its favourite colour, there is my gem for today. This house on Tjarnargata was simply striking against the blue sky. But the most interesting for me was this additional window where one expects to see just a plain corner. It made you pause and take a second look.

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