Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Insomnia and Flickr

It is one of those, drained off energy days preceded by the sleepless night. Early morning evaporated in a blink of an eye and before long it was time to rush out of the door. During my Icelandic lesson, first one after two weeks break, I discovered that my basic vocabulary evaporated as well. After the lesson, with an hour or so to spare, I found myself in the midst of a lunch crowd. Groups of people were dashing about, diving into and out of the restaurants, all preoccupied with appeasing of their hunger. I sought a refugee in the city library and ended up in the Museum of Photography, which happened to be in the same building. It is truly surreal experience to visit museums in the middle of winter here. You get in and find yourself one on one with an exhibition. No distractions -just you, photos and the echo of your steps. I flew into Zen-like detachment and for a brief moment seriously considered to stretch out on the smooth inviting wooden floor and take a nap. I bet I would not have the slightest problem to fall asleep there, surrounding by colourful images. But I will never know, since the proper part of me promptly nipped the impulse in the bud and reminded me to get out my camera and make some photos. Hm, I guess my proper part isn't very sane, because I was doing photos of photos. "Flickr Era - Digital Horizons "exhibition was on display. It gathered works of Icelandic photographers who have had their photos on Flickr.

So, dear friends, please consider to use this site, your photos may end up in a museum too.

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