Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Art of Stopping...

The only thing worse than receiving a box of white chocolate is receiving a loaded compliment. “You look spectacular for your age”. Ouch!
Perhaps, if I live up to my eighties, I will embrace this phrase with an open heart, now, instead of brightening my day it makes me think of my age and everything that should be accomplished by now but haven’t. Why it is so difficult for people to give a nice compliment? What is it with “Good job” or “This is a nice haircut, you know Susan/Veera/Kate, she has such a beautiful hair” or “You eyes look so bright today”.
Like white chocolate officially cannot be called “chocolate” since it doesn’t contain chocolate liquor, a compliment cannot be called “compliment” if it doesn’t put a spring in a person’s steps.
Moral: people should know where to stop, …and so do I.

But, since I haven’t mastered that skill, here is a last bit. While stepping into the parking lot, I was confronted by a speeding vehicle. With a screech of the breaks it stopped in the mere centimeters of my feet. A driver and I looked at each other, burst into laughter and parted our ways. The art of stopping in action!

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