Friday, August 19, 2016

Back in DC

I saw something exquisite today that took my breath away....

The Veiled Nun
c. 1860, marble
National Art Gallery, DC

The Veiled Nun

The Veiled Nun

Madonna and Sleeping Child
marble, c. 1500/1510
North Italian (Possible Veronese), National Art Gallery, DC

And then, I saw something that cracked me up...

Madonna and Child
oil on panel, c.1496/1499
Albrecht Durer
German (1471-1528)

Fragment Madonna and Child

Pay attention to fingers position. Yep, I am easily amused.


nomadsbynature said...

Your observations and humor are as ever -- BRILLIANT!!!!

VC said...

Thank you! You are not in DC by chance?

nomadsbynature said...

sadly no - or I would have hunted you down for a catch up get-together. Send me your skype address again on email and we'll get a time that works in both time zones and schedules!