Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cosmic Play of the Sun

I was fortunate to spend three weeks in Southern Spain. It wasn't near any of the big cities (Seville was forty minutes away by car) but it was absolutely lovely. The retreat center is called Suryalila, which is a combination of two Sanskrit words " surya - the sun" and "lila - cosmic play" and it does have a certain magic quality to it that makes one muse on loftier topics than usual.
 I was there for a intensive yoga teacher certification training, and the seclusion of the location certainly added to the intense learning experience.

Early Hours


Sunset in Suryalila

Bottomless Sky


Anonymous said...

A beautiful place to achieve your goal! Glad to see you have your blogging mojo back too!!!!

VC said...

Ha,ha - I am trying my best...

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying it! No pressure!!!!!!!