Sunday, October 7, 2012

Photo Images

Strolling the streets of Budapest I came across X6 Gallery. It is located on the crossroad of October 6 and Arany Janos streets, with it's entrance cleverly positioned right at the corner. The large scaled photo images clearly visible through the windows were impossible to miss. And, so I went it...

Images on the walls took my breath away. There were portraits, still lifes, landscapes, cityscapes and collages. But it is the quality of the prints that left me in awe. The brigtness of colour, the sharpness of images - there were all crisp as you will. I chatted a bit with the staff and read a bit afterwards to discover that  Lambda C-Type printing were used to achieve this effect. This technique "uses three lasers merged into a single beam to expose images on to photosensitive materials  up to 1200mm (50 inches) in width, producing the whole image in a single pass" Lambda C-type photographic prints are  produced chiefly on Fuji Crystal Achive paper.
Frankly, I don't fully understand the technicalities, but the result are worth seeing, and, if one is wealthy enough, buying.

"Vanitas 2 and 6" by Annett Van Der Voort

"Meeting Point 5" by Julia Christe

x 6 Gallery has a great website as well: 

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