Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Present, Past and Future

Statues that pepper the streets of the cities tell intersting stories about cities' inhabitants. Here in Baku a lot of statues bear the features of social realizm - all solemn, angular, emanating strength and determination.

In Bangkok they seem to be more about smooth, elongated forms and intricate detailing.


Found in Lumphini Park


"Warrior", found in Wat Phra Kaew


Want to guess the title of this statue?

"Women in the Next Three Decades" by Sahathep Thepburi

"Slighty grim look at future", I thought, but googling around discovered that those round forms seem to be a trademark of this Italian artist. By the way, he founded the art school in Bangkok that later became Silparkorn University.(The Silpakorn University is situated north across the street from the Grand Palace and is the home of several galleries of contemporary art.)


Gary said...
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Gary said...

"women in three decades" is fantastic... the forward motion is reminiscent of the soviet "vperyod!"...