Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Walk Through the Cemetery.

There are many parks in Baku, some of them are lined with trees, some - with concrete, most of them crowded with people. It makes Faxri Xiyəbani Cemetery, which of course technically isn’t a park, but nominally is, the most tranquil place of the city.

Upon entering it the noise and rush of the city are fallen behind and you come face to face with the past. The names on the graves, with some exceptions, will be unfamiliar to foreigners but the busts and monuments are creative enough to give you a clue of person’s occupation.

Faxri Xiyəbani Cemetery is a cemetery of great Azeri artists, scholars and politicians, and yes, the late president Heydar Alieyev is buried there.


Gary said...

wow! very artistic azeris, indeed, and quite respectful of those that have passed away!

VC said...

Glad that it impressed you.Come visit :)