Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Distance in Songs.

It took 5 songs of “The Doors” to go from our house to work.

“Break on Through” accompanied us through suburbia - flying geese in the sky and stray dogs playfully rolling around on the side of the road.

“Light my Fire” carried us pass the flowers sellers opening their booths along the cemetery walls and a lonely policemen on a roundabout.

“Crystal Ship” brought us into the sea of people and cars – passengers waiting for the buses, pedestrians, crossing the roads, cars hurrying to reach their destinations.

“People Are Strange” – distracted me in a turtle like pace of Bakihanov prospect.

“Strange Days” – was the end of the journey.


Gary said...

i'd be curious to know how your sons react to the doors?

VC said...

"People are strange" and "Alabama Song" are their favourites.

Gary said...

alabama song!!! ha ha ha!!! "show me the way to the next little girl... please don't ask why...please don't ask why" --- your boys know the good things in life!