Monday, January 11, 2010

Things We Love

I am feeling blue. Not because of the weather - it is sunny and nice; not because of a pesky headache - it finally left me, not because of abundance of work - it is a bit of a lull there at the start of the week, but because on Saturday I happened to conduct a tour in the Art Museum and it reminded me how immensely I miss doing what I am good at. Every our move I reinvent myself - learn new ropes, teach myself yet another skill - each time feeling like a student who has to prove herself. But there in the museum, leading the tour, I was doing what I love and know well. Teaching essentially. I let myself to forget how much I love those things. I like the thrill of discovery which generates the desire to share, I like spending hours talking with people in search of information, I like sifting through books or websites unearthing forgotten facts, I like the moment when all the separate bits of information come together into a whole, the moment when a tour/lecture/lesson takes its shape and there is a vision of how it should be going, and I like effortless connection between me and audience that transfers a random group of people into participants, co-creators.

Through the years of moving from country to country I have been taking my friends and family to various museums, galleries,city walks but I haven't done it with a crowd for way too long. It felt exactly how I remembered it - fun,thrilling,exuberant and utterly natural, in a way it was like returning home.

It felt great, but then the afterthought kept coming back, "I really love it, what a shame that I do it so rarely."

It said that the key to happiness is to learn what you like and incorporate it in your life. So, what makes you shine?

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