Saturday, December 19, 2009

Aluminium or the 4th Baku Biennale

For seven days (December 11 - December 18) the art world of Baku had a very busy schedule. More than 50 artists from different countries came here to show their work and openings of new exhibitions were happening every two to three hours. Amazingly, even the local Zoo was involved and had an installation unveiling on Sunday, December 13. Of course, when we came there on Friday 18 there wasn't any sign of it, but it was nice to know that animals had had some exposure to modern art.

Jokes aside there were very interesing works there. Among those who work with photo images two artists impressed me the most: Soody Sharifi, Iranian born Houston based photographer, and Thomas Kauneckas from Lithuania, who works a lot with fashion and advertising industry there.

Soody Sharifi brought just two photographs to Baku but they represented one of the main theme of her art – a dialogue between traditional and modern culture, their interactions on daily basis and, using her own words, " challenging Muslim expectations of propriety."

Soody Sharifi "Fatima"

Soody Sharifi "Grandma"

Tomas Kauneckas presented his version of Apocalispsis in attempt to attract viewers attention to importance of conserving energy and water. The title of the series "2039" speaks of the near future when people face the consequences of their careless attitude towards nature.

Tomas Kauneckas "2039"

Tomas Kauneckas "2039"

Susan Reese Horvitz, an American artist, who works with different media brought a variety of work to this event. Most unusual were her book like creations that will be donated to the Minuature Books Museum of Baku.

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