Saturday, November 7, 2009

When Colour Goes Wrong Nothing Goes Right (Extremely girly post)

In the life of every women comes the time when the visit to a colourist cannot be delayed any longer. Motivation can vary from necessity of covering gray to desire for something new or simple urge of self pampering. My reason wasn’t the necessity.

In the city of Baku one can go to a colourist or she can come to your house. I chose the second variant just because I started a new job not long ago and could not find my rhythm yet, plus I used her before and she did a decent job.

Today she came armed with an array of colous; her head a walking advertisement to her skills - she recently turned into redhead and it suits her splendidly. We discussed the options and she suggested going slightly darker with some highlights around the face – ok, I said because it sounded like something new and “slightly” indicated that it would not be a leap but just a bit of a change. She started to work, we chatted; while I was waiting for colour to develop she dealt with my sons’ haircuts. Then it was time for washing it off and blow drying. All was done at last. I went to a mirror and stepped back in horror -Cruella De Ville starred back at me. (Damn, why couldn’t Halloween have been this weekend? It would have been perfect).

A slightly darker shade took almost black turn on me and the highlights looked ghostly white. Can we do something about it? I pleaded. Thankfully, we could – after yet another hour I returned to my golden brown tone and though the highlights do appear a tad harsh, I can look at myself without cringing again. I guess I found my comfort zone – slightly lighter I can handle, slightly darker is a no-no.

Any hair related disasters you want to share?

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