Monday, November 9, 2009


Going through predictable and recurrent phase of self doubts I stopped by Google Analytics and noticed unusual activity in the referral sites. I investigated it closely and discovered that Changes and Colours, the blog of mine that you are reading right now, was mentioned in the FS Journal. They did an article on blogging in the context of Foreign Service and listed my blog among many others. This discovery perplexes me to no end because though I know that I have an audience, I also know that it is a fairly small one, so how I got into that list is a complete mystery.

I'll let this puzzle to remain unsolved because what pleased me the most is the timing of my discovery. Just about a week ago I was confining to one of my friends that I lost zest for blogging. “There are so many wonderfully written, astonishingly talented blogs, why breed mediocrity”, was my exact wording. (Yep, I have a flare for melodrama.) My friend being a friend told me all the right encouraging things including a little pearl of wisdom, “Some blogs are products, and some are process, why go against your nature?” Few days later while discussing completely different subject my other friend said, “Don’t you worry about the results - enjoy the process.” Then I wandered into Google Analytics and you have already read the above.

The universe is trying to tell me something. Now, what can it be?

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