Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Bazaar (IWC)

Here and there at certain time of the year Christmas bazaars are being organized. Today the International Women Club of Baku had its 15th Annual Charity Christmas Bazaar at Landmark, Rotunda. Let me tell you, it was packed. There were representatives from every art and craft field imaginable - dollmakers and quilt makers, dressmakers and soapmakers, jewelry designers and bakers, visual artists and florists. If you were looking for something to buy as a souvenir, you certainly would have found it there and if you were not looking for anything, you would have bought something anyway. So, what they had there:

Books and DVDs

Exquisite dolls,

Handmade quilts,

Lush plants,

Irresistible sweet confections

And this is just a minuscule part of what they had to offer.

What's that? You regret you have missed it? Well, next Sunday there will be a Christmas Bazaar at the German church, why don't you stop by?

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