Thursday, June 18, 2009

Five Best Things

In a spirit of saying good byes, here is a small list of my absolute favourite things in Iceland:

1. Best Icelandic Surprise - locally produced delicious Orange Peels in Dark Chocolate. Original taste and good packaging make them a very nice small gift. You can buy them in Vínberið at Laugavegi 43. The vitrine on the right from a cashier register also deserves the attention of any chocolate connoisseur.

2. Best Secret Garden – a garden of the Parliament House – peaceful, beautiful and isn't frequented by spooky characters.

3. Best Cobblers – Garðastræti 13. If you dare to wear any remotely decent shoes in Reykjavik you have to know this place.

4. Best Place to Relax with a Book - The Reykjavik City Library,Tryggvagötu 15. Good selection of books and magazines, including children ones; internet access and plenty cozy corners.

5. Most Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff - hands down Reykjavik Art Museum (Hafnarhús and Kjarvalsstaðir locations) Ask a question and they shower you with priceless information.

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