Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Lose a Loose Tooth

How to lose a loose tooth:
  • You can patiently and persistently wiggle it with your finger until it comes out on its own;
  • You can go to a dentist and let him pull it out in a clean and safe environment;
  • You can allow your mom to wrap a string around it, tie it to a doorknob, hold your breath and wait till the door will swing open;
  • Or, you can go to play baseball, try to catch a hit that isn’t meant to be caught and let a ball get rid of you tooth.

    And that is exactly how my younger son lost his loose tooth yesterday.

    (I am utmost grateful that it was only a loose tooth. For some time there on the field with him crying and blood gushing from his mouth I thought that emergency room was in order.)


Anonymous said...

What amazing accuracy on the ball's part -- to have hit the one already loose tooth, out of a whole mouthful ... er, it was the correct tooth ...?

C&C said...

The little guy had several loose teeth which undoubtly helped the accuracy of the ball. A tooth fairy makes frequent stops in our house these days.


Eddie Storms said...

Those four examples have been a staple method on the ways on how to lose a loose tooth. But in addition to that, "accidentally" biting down any food with your wiggly tooth is also a good way.