Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beginning of the End

Today marks the beginning of our four last months in Iceland. After that a new destination will await us. It will be our sixth move in 12 years. By now all the routine is so familiar: sorting, purging, giving away, throwing away, going through a paper work, saying good-byes to people and places, gather information on new ones. Even the feelings are familiar - a little detachment starts to creep in, you avoid making new acquaintances or starting new projects, you are more concerned with closures than beginnings. Despite the familiarity of the routine each move has been a little heart break so far. Strangely enough, this time I am actually looking forward to it - it feels like a good time to move on.

I will miss closeness to nature the most: long walks in the lava fields and along the sea, unobstructed horizon, magical light, the strange feeling that you in a countryside while in fact you are within fifteen minutes from the center.

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