Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter Trip - Art Making

If you think that my art viewing should naturally turn into art making, you are absolutely right. It did come to this in the most unexpected and enjoyable way. I arranged an after work meeting with my friend who promptly led me to the retirement celebration of one of her colleagues, mysteriously saying on the way, "I will tell what we will do in the evening after you have a drink." Here I was sitting in the midst of unfamiliar but friendly faces being introduced around as "a friend from Iceland", which I don't mind much since following questions provide for an easy chat. "Oh, Iceland, it must be very cold there. How big is Iceland? How is financial situation there?" After my glass of wine became half full, my friend asked me point blank, "So, how are you with drawing and painting? We are going to make an art project today. People will come to pick it up tomorrow at ten."

And that is how I found myself in DC creating a prayer mat for Shri Lanka Embassy's New Year Celebration party. Listen to this - Russian born American, whose husband works for American Embassy in Iceland, came to DC and painted the prayer mat for the Shri Lanka Embassy's New Year celebration. It is so deliciously bizarre, no fiction can beat this. So, below are photo series "Making Art in DC" know whom.

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