Friday, December 12, 2008

Miracles Happen!

Miracles happen and when they do, you have to chronicle them.

I was given a seat on a bus today!!!

Oh my gosh! Never, ever in my eighteen months here I have witnessed this. A pregnant woman can stand near a young strapping man, an old lady, nope, neither he nor his luggage will budge. Give up his seat; move his backpack, why really? Sure, if you simply told him/her “Can you please move your bag?” he/she grudgingly oblige, but on his own initiative – forget about it. So, I was extremely surprised today, no, make it astounded, when in the bus filled with school children, a teacher made his pupil to stand up and offer me a seat. I couldn't believe my ears and eyes at first, but regained my composure, took the seat and takked them both profoundly.

Apparently, good manners are reinforced here from time to time, they are just not often retained.

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