Thursday, September 18, 2008

Celebrity Sight Seeing

Every person who has happened to live in Iceland for some time inevitably faces the question: “So, have you seen the Aurora Borealis yet?”, followed by: “What about Björk?” The Aurora Borealis proved to be an elusive phenomenon, but I saw Björk today at the opening of an art exhibition in the Reykjavik Art Museum. There was no way anybody could have missed her – she was dressed in a bright pink “Tibetan” outfit and really stood out in a crowd of mostly black. She was simultaneously trying to see a bit of the exhibition, deal with a small kid, and talk with people approaching her, which explained why she looked slightly frazzled. It would have been nice to snap a photo, but it didn’t feel like the right moment, so I just joked in passing that the kid seemed to have had enough art exposure. It is a pity my husband wasn’t there; he would have appreciated this celebrity sight seeing much more than I did. Now we just have to see the Aurora Borealis and our “to do” list in Iceland is done.


taitaiknits said...

I want to know if you have seen Sporticus!!

C&C said...

Until you mentioned it, I haven't even heard of Sporticus. We don't have a TV, plus, from what I read, the kids are past the age that is targeted by the show.