Sunday, August 17, 2008

Strange sites

The summer is coming to an end. Already the weather is turning colder, with grey clouds roaming the sky, and the rain drizzles more often. The days are getting shorter - we have sixteen hours of daylight now instead of twenty-two. There is a perceptible increase in traffic as people start to return from their vacations, and all the businesses slowly awake from the slumber of summer. With “season of mists” nearing closer, an odd custom of Hafnarfjörður youth also came back –bicycles thrown in the canals, and streams can be seen again. During the school year bicycles lying in the water was a common site but during summer I haven’t seen any. The first one was spotted last week. I often wonder – is it an act of aggression, sly tactic to force parents to buy a new bike or perhaps the celebration of receiving the driving license? The most perplexing part is that the owners seem to be in no hurry to recover their property and the bikes are often left in the water for hours or days.

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