Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Days

My boys and I do a lot of nature walks this summer. Today we found a new to us nature reserve, Ástjörn. It is a lake surrounded by lava fields and it is a home to more than 24 species of birds. Apparently this lake is the only regular nesting site of the horned grebe left in the Southwest of Iceland. The trails around it are closed for walking between the 1st of May and 15th of July so not to disturb its habitants. It was a bit disappointing not be able to come closer to the lake’s shore, but the guard in a little hut reprimanded us to strictly follow the path, so we did as we were told. We found interesting lava formations there, a forest of unusually small birch trees, miniature stone bridges, young pine trees and a sea of red clover. (Some photos are here) Clover caused quite an excitement because I taught the boys how to suck nectar out of flowers.
This summer is quite unusual. Most of the time summer is such a busy time – we are either moving to a new place or receiving visitors, or just working; there are camps and play dates, and other scheduled activities. But this summer is so not rushed. It reminds me of carefree summers of my childhood. Of course, there are errands and morning studies with the kids and I have to start thinking about upcoming review but in general there is a wonderful slowness in it, which let me just sit back and let the day take its own course.

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