Monday, June 30, 2008

Painted Pebbles

We are going on a lot of nature walks these days, most of them end up near the sea. There my sons have found their first amulets of good fortune - rocks penetrated by a hole. I remember hunting for them during summers at Crimea. Those rocks considered to be a specially good luck along with "devil's fingers", smooth cylindrical form pebbles.

We picked some flat rocks for painting .....

and here are the results.

The kids inspired by the meeting with an artist, Josh Simpson, who creates small glass planets and hides them in different locations (he calls it Infinity Project), decided to paint rocks and put them in lava fields. We will have a busy summer ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Many of the smaller holes found in sea rocks are painstakingly gouged out by ... sea urchins! These delicate creatures have little real ability to bore through solid rock, but infinite time and patience. (Hmm, seems like there ought to be a lesson in there for all of us ...!)