Monday, February 25, 2008

I am going slightly mad

It's finally happen..

After spending most of the day in the gallery, speaking with artists, reading about their art, trying to jot down the associations it evokes in me, and my friend pointing out that ink drawings of Gabriela Fridriksdottir bear stylistic similiarities with Jonh Lennon's drawings I had a dream of speaking with Yoko Ono about the work of Icelandic artists.

The most amusing part it isn't so far farfetched - Yoko Ono did visited Iceland and even opened the monument "Peace Tower" here, she is interested in art, so technically it can happen.

After hearing about my dream during breakfast my younger son noticed: "Mom, do you realize that you cannot stop speaking about exhibitions?" (I immediately pointed out that he couldn't stop talking about his computer games, but, yes, he was right).

My interest in art , unnoticed by me, morphed into obsession and in the light of this discovery, I open a new blog, which will be solely devoted to art in Iceland and my discoveries in that field.

And she is 75? Image courtesy of "Hey City Zen" blog

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