Thursday, February 14, 2008

Horror Movie Material

Now, with snow all melted and rain asserted itself, it is overwhelmingly grey here. Its quiet rustle in the middle of February creates an illusion of spring. I hope the temperature will not plummet overnight; it will be way too slippery then.

Due to the cold that went through our household like an avalanche, we missed all the excitement of the Festival of Light. Perhaps we will catch it next year. Considering that it is a week of school break, the timing of the cold is rather inconvenient.

Yesterday the rain wasn’t so persistent, it stopped from time to time, and since everybody felt more or less well, we went downtown. The goal was simple – to get out of the house, finally!

We stopped at Tjörnin Lake to feed ducks. They are so used to being fed that they simply approach anybody who slow down and soundly demand treats. The way they go at you with determination and open beaks feels somewhat threatening. It can be a good start for a horror movie. It will open up with a peaceful shot of the lake – bright sun sparkling water – swans are gliding, sounds of laughter echoing from the water. A tourist approaches a lake and stopped at the bank enchanted by its beauty. He did several shots, all of them you will see through his camera. Then he crouched down to take a better shot of the swans. You’ll see several more scenes through his camera; suddenly a big eye filled the whole screen. (A duck is looking at him through his lenses). Startled, the tourist fell down. The camera will move away, so you can see the scene from afar. The area is completely covered with grey army of ducks and the poor guy is rapidly disappearing under it. The last shot will be peaceful water of the lake again - no laughter now, just silence. What will be the title? Dark Secrets of the Lake.

Fancy that – a simple “get out of the house” turned into horror movie material.


Anonymous said...

OK, that post is just twisted enough to merit a comment! However, I think it's important to distinguish between swans and ducks. If ducks attacked, clearly some supernatural malevolence would have to be involved, whereas swans in real life are already highly territorial and fairly vicious. Don't wander too close to them! (Check

Anonymous said...

Oh, I also meant to add that I can totally see that scene in my mind. It's about time the "eco-kill" horror subgenre returned, anyway! I'd like to film this sometime ...