Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unpacking memories

That is how our house looks for the past few days after arrival of all our stuff – boxes, boxes are everywhere, complete chaos. The first post meant to be up last week but the arrival of our goodies made any activities except cutting open the boxes, unpacking and finding places for things utterly impossible. The kids are overjoyed with having their toys back, I am ecstatic with having my books, and Ted is happy with arrival of his computer.

When unpacking slows down a bit and I am able to stop and really look at things emerging from the boxes, it becomes emotional journey. Each small object represents a small segment of my life, has ties with people, friends who scattered all over the world. Here are the white plates that Claudia and Don helped me to choose at Flower market in Beijing, a bright fire-red vase that was picked by Izumi; colourful postcards, which Jennifer sent from KL , books, which travel with me from country to country. It feels like a veil of sadness and sweet memories is wrapped around me. It is my fourth major move and it doesn’t get easier to part with people. But by now I think I learn to accept this constant cycle of coming and going, meeting and saying good-byes; I just feel grateful that for a brief time we touched each others lives. Thank you, guys.

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